"My 4 children have founda safe and enjoyableenvironment to increasetheir knowledge and buildnew friendships." - Khalida Akoub, BankingAdvisor
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Andalus Film Theatre
Glasgow, West End  |  Visit Website


We started the Andalus film club to show interesting and diverse films, to inspire shared conversations and stories through interactive and thought-provoking after film discussions. Get in touch and get involved; we'd love to hear from you and welcome you to our film club!

Andalus Living Active and Going Green Project
Glasgow, UK
Andalus is an educational institute and community centre in the West End of Glasgow, offering a wide range of recreational activities and creating positive behavioural changes surrounding climate change.
Living Active and Going Green is a project run by Andalus to install energy efficient measures at the Andalus building in the West End of Glasgow to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. Measures to be installed include roof insulation, LED lighting and double glazed windows. The project will also offer energy efficiency advice to help local people save energy in the home and will promote use of lower carbon travel to the Andalus building. 
Andalus Rihla Project
Glasgow, UK  |  Visit Website


The Andalus Rihla project was set up to meet the social, cultural and recreational needs of young people, male and female, from a black and minority ethnic background. It is a holistic character development project, which takes young people through a journey of activities. On their journey, young people are given regular tasks as well as keeping an online personal journal of their experiences, insights and personal developments.

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In February 2009, with the help of God and the sincere efforts of some dedicated individuals in the community, we managed to acqui  »»»
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