"I went to Andalus foryoga, taught by Joy sorelaxing, I felt my body& mind benefited. Joyliterally brings Joy tome." - Abida Farid
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Andalus Archery Club
5th January 2019  to  1st December 2020
Andalus Building, 211 New City Road, Glasgow, G4 9PA - Details
10:00 - 12:00   (Option 1)
18:00 - 20:00
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 The Andalus Archery club has regular sessions on a Saturday morning for Juniors and  Adults.

Juniors 10am - 11am

Adults 11am - 12.00pm

Sundays 6pm - 8pm  Adults Only.

If you have completed the beginners course or have a certificate of attending another beginners course then you are welcome to attend.

Please e-mail for more information.


Archery: The Art of Repetition
by Simon Needham

Written by an acknowledged expert, this invaluable book is aimed at archers of all levels, from those starting out in the sport to those taking part in competitions at the highest levels. The author analyses shooting techniques and tuning, and also emphasizes the development of mental toughness; he argues that this goes hand in hand with the mastery of the physical aspects of the sport. This comprehensive guide to shooting covers: how to get started in archery, the costs involved, choosing and using equipment and the basics of shooting; setting up your equipment and initial tuning; the biomechanics of shooting; the tactics and preparation work involved in archery competitions; physical fitness, nutrition and psychology; arrow selection and preparation; making bowstrings; and shooting techniques, improving performance and the fine-tuning of equipment.

Simon Needham has been involved in archery for forty years, and has been shooting competitively since 1989. He has represented Scotland t archery since 1989 and Great Britain since 1997. He competed at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and finished seventeenth, and in 2001 he came seventh in the World Archery Championships in China.

Archery (Steps to Success)
by Kathleen Haywood and Catherine Lewis

This is a very clearly presented factual book that is particularly good in describing the technique of shooting arrows. It describes each step throughout a shot, from taking ones stance, holding and raising the bow, drawing, anchoring, aiming and releasing the arrow. It is particularly good and unusual in that it recognises common shooting faults and gives a list of probable causes for each. This is very useful for both beginners and intermediates who, without a coach in regular attendance, may need to diagnose and correct their own shooting faults.

  • Andalus Building, 211 New City Road, Glasgow, G4 9PA

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