"This is a very specialplace. A place of strongfaith. I go away with anew respect for Islam andits followers." - Anon, XaverianMissionary.
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I went to Andalus for yoga, taught by Joy so relaxing, I felt my body & mind benefited as I felt so relaxed by the end of the session. Joy literally brings Joy to me, I've been to her sessions before and you will be hard pressed to find a better instructor.

Abida Farid , Glasgow
Yoga for Women
29th September 2016  to  29th September 2017
Andalus Building, 211 New City Road, Glasgow, G4 9PA - Details
12:30 - 13:30
Go on, come along :)

Yoga for women starting at Andalus, every Thursday 12.30pm - 13.30pm.

Yoga can not only help make you stronger, more flexible and less stressed, it can also improve your balance, coordination and energy levels. The class will involve gentle movement for the body, breathwork and relaxation.There is something for everyone whatever your current fitness level or experience of yoga.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@andalus.co.uk

  • Andalus Building, 211 New City Road, Glasgow, G4 9PA

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