"This is a very specialplace. A place of strongfaith. I go away with anew respect for Islam andits followers." - Anon, XaverianMissionary.
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YouthSchool is a charity established in Scotland with the aim of creating a personal development and training programme that will support young people in developing countries to access meaningful employment and make a positive contribution to their community.

Kube Publishing
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Established in 2007, Kube Publishing seeks to lead a new wave in Muslim publishing. It handles the well-established Islamic Foundation imprint, now in its fourth decade, with over 350 published titles with strengths in Quran commentary (tafsir), Islamic economics and books for children. The other imprint, Kube Publishing, seeks to reflect the Muslim experience to the world through history, biography, memoir, politics, current affairs, culture and civilisation.

Arab Academy
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Arab Academy provides a comprehensive Arabic language education through interactive activities, taskbased learning, and expert teachers. We make it easy to learn Arabic online and to immediately apply your lessons to real-life situations. Once you get started and choose your course-track, you can progress through as many courses as you like, at your own pace, so you can easily go from a novice student to an advanced speaker.

We have the world's most extensive library of Arabic lessons, each themed around specific core concepts and ideas that make it easier to comprehend and contextualize important principles. We also supplement our lessons by immersing you in culture and history so learning Arabic will be more engaging and enjoyable.

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DeenPort is intended as a place to connect with like minded people by sharing knowledge, news and discussion about Islam, with an aim to grow in both spirit and intellect insha'Allah.

Content is updated in realtime with new submissions by DPers and custom-built automated processes designed to gather and filter data from across the web.

Site moderation is decentralised, shared by a combination of collective community intelligence and an algorithm lovingly named MAMA: Machine Automated Moderating Agent.

The project is financially sustained through private investment, advertising revenues, affiliate associations and as a platform for the Xchange of digital works.

Palmtree Books
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We are an independent library and shop supplying arabic books for children of all ages.
Based in the United Kingdom we specilise in providing quality teaching materials to help children quickly and easily aquire proficency in the arabic language from a young age.

John Muir Award
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The John Muir Award is an environmental award scheme focused on wild places. It encourages awareness and responsibility for the natural environment, in a spirit of fun, adventure and exploration.

Living Classrooms
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Living Classrooms has been established to support children and families from all backgrounds, to live and learn using nature and the environment. Living Classrooms will work with early year settings, primary school, secondary schools, out-of-school groups, families, community groups and like-minded organisations to promote the use of nature and our surrounding environments, urban or rural, as a learning tool.

Al-Khair Foundation
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Al Khair aims to improve the lives of people by empowering them to work together to fulfil their potential, enabling them to make positive contributions to their communities.

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Backbone is a social enterprise which provides training in leadership, personal development, skills and project development, specialising in working with people from multicultural communities. Backbone’s aim is to entice and excite people from marginalised communities to engage with nature using Scotland’s outdoor environment and wild places as a training resource. For more information visit their website: www.backbone.uk.net

Backbone is a global training and consultancy organisation, established in 1995 by Pammy Johal to provide opportunities to marginalised groups. We design and deliver engaging initiatives to encourage forward thinking and action on all issues pertinent to living and working in a diverse world. Influencing the way society perceive people from minority communities and organisations is the essence of what we do.

Exquisitus Ltd.
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Scottish Police Muslim Association
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 To build a strong, inclusive and cohesive working Relationship between Scottish Police and the diverse Muslim communities, across Scottish in the Development and delivery of services, support, policies and Practice that demonstrate equality, dignity, respect and Nurture a positive understanding and acceptance of faith Diversity and tolerance for all citizens and staff.

Scottish-Islamic Foundation
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The Scottish-Islamic Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to building bridges between Muslims and non-Muslims, both nationally and internationally. It works on cultural, economic and social levels.

It also seeks to articulate and actualise all the good that Muslims can bring to Scotland by empowering them to increase their contribution to society.

SIF is a platform for action. It unites people from many backgrounds by being non-ideological and non-politically aligned. We take on the big challenges with flair and creativity in a proactive and positive manner.

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